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Hard Body of the Day: Pip Malone. (via)

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Strive for progress, not perfection !
Perfection doesn’t exist.

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The walking dead// Rick Grimes dad jokes

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The crucial role of communication.

[1] U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Ryan Darnell (left), 83rd Expeditionary Rescue Squadron pararescue team leader, briefs Staff Sgt. Jason Lee and his teammates before a mission rehearsal in an excess structure at Bagram Air Field.

[2] U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Ryan Darnell, 83rd Expeditionary Rescue Squadron pararescue team leader, prepares for a mission rehearsal.

[3] U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Jake Racicot (left), Capt. Cameron Rochelle (center), and Master Sgt. Ryan Darnell, from the 83rd Expeditionary Rescue Squadron, debrief following a mission rehearsal.

The event allowed PJs to hone their breaching, clearing, patient care and egress skills. Air Force rescue forces conduct combat search and rescue and personnel recovery operations. The 83rd ERQS partnered with Joint Task Force Trailblazer, U.S. Army 2nd Engineer Brigade, to use the structure prior to its scheduled deconstruction. Task Force Trailblazer is currently demolishing 50-70 wooden structures here each week as part of Operation Enduring Freedom retrograde operations.

(U.S. Air Force photos by Maj. Brandon Lingle, 26 AUG 2014.)


Fake coffee branding with @luftaffe

To see more photos of Illarion’s designs on coffee cups, use a #fakecoffeebranding hashtag and follow @luftaffe

“If you want to create a coffee-themed design, coffee cups are the best choice,” says Russia Instagrammer Illarion Gordon (@luftaffe), who posts photos of coffee cups that he has illustrated with unusual drawings. “My wife is a barista, and I use coffee cups as a place for my ideas. I just took a felt tip and drew a design on the white cup.” As a designer by day, Illarion’s experimentations on coffee cups has allowed him to explore a new perspective on branding and develop his illustrations. “I create cups with melancholic and existentialist designs that would never exist in real life from real coffee brands.”

My Kodu game-programming class, grades 3-4. I will miss them. They were great to be with everyday and made incredible progress. I’m proud if every single one. Even one of my former students came back! 😁 #summer #school #elementary #kodu #teaching 

Thanks to @costellbro for taking this pic. ☺️


Anonymous asked: Do you watch one piece?